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Easy ways to support the Black and Orange Cat Foundation


Support the Black and Orange Cat Foundation by participating in the programs of, or purchasing from, any of the websites included on this page. Thanks for your support!



Kroger Community Rewards

B & O Cats is enrolled in Kroger's Community Rewards Program. Kroger will distribute up to $1.25 million dollars per quarter to the organizations enrolled in the program. The amount earned will be based on the percentage of spending credited to each organization.

You can help by registering for the program on the Kroger website. You will need your Kroger Plus Card number or phone number to register and must use the card/phone number when making purchases.

The number you will need to use in order to designate your purchases toward The Black and Orange Cat Foundation is 84918

Sign up for the Kroger Community Rewards Program now!

Detailed signup instructions here.


refined feline cat furniture with style

We are happy to announce a new partnership with The Refined Feline, makers of modern cat furniture. They design an assortment of high end cat towers, litter box cabinets, and cat beds both cats and cat owners will love. Visit and 10% of your purchase will go back to the Black and Orange Cat Foundation.



What if my favorite charity had a penny for every time I searched the Internet…


Now it can! Search the web with and money from advertisers will go to your favorite charity without you spending a dime! will donate 50% of advertising revenue, estimated to be about a penny per search, to the charities selected by its users.


Support Us thru 1-800-PetMeds America's Largest Pet Pharmacy

Support our shelter! Buy Frontline Plus and pet medications today! Or Call 1-800-738-6337 and Mention: "BANDOCATS"


T Shirts and Stamps at

Black and Orange Cat Foundation stamps on

Buy postage stamps, t-shirts, and cards that feature the B & O logo and some of our kitties through A portion of all proceeds comes back to B and O to help us fund our spay and neuter efforts in the community. If you join our ‘fan club’ on the site, we get an even larger donation from the sales.

There are seasonal postage stamps and cards that you can send for holidays, as well as generic ones that can be used all year long. For everyone who has adopted from us, please be on the look out for your baby among the featured kitties. And if you have adopted a cat from B and O and would like to send a cute photo of your furry friend, please email that picture and we’ll try to use it on a stamp!! You can check out everything that is available at the following link:



Pet License Plates

The Ohio Pet License Plate is now available! Fifteen dollars from the sale of each plate will support spay/neuter for Ohio cats and dogs.

Pets Ohio Licence Tag