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May 2010

Fruit Bat Fund
Fruit Bat was found lying on a busy highway. No one stopped to investigate or help the little chihuahua who could not walk. She laid on the road for over twelve hours. Then a Colony Cats volunteer happened to see the dog and rushed her to Noah's Ark Vet Hospital. Fruit Bat has two broken ankles which must be repaired at Ohio State. Unfortunately, the cost of the surgeries is between $1500-2000 and Colony Cats just does not have that money...

March 2010

Help Naomi Smile Again!
Naomi needs your help. Naomi was abandoned in an empty trailer without food or water after her family moved away and left her behind. Luckily, one of our volunteers took Naomi in...

November 2009

New Site to Click to Feed Pets in Need
We recently found a cool new site on the web site where you can click daily to donate food to shelter animals

Dr. Kim West is back in town!
We just wanted to let everyone know (because many of you were her client), that Dr. Kim West will be working at a new vet hospital that is opening in Muirfield.

October 2009

Our entry in The Animal Rescue Site's shelter stories contest
Miss Flower was one of our happiest rescue stories (and that is not to say that we don't rejoice over every kitty we save), so it was only fitting to enter her in The Animal Rescue Site's shelter stories contest.

Happy Photo of the Month: Nash licking his belly!
Just too cute! Little Nash and his sister, Gypsy, found their new home all the way in Massachusetts. They even took a road trip from Ohio to get there.

September 2009

Latest issue of The National Audobon Society's magazine, Audubon, slams Trap-Neuter-Return
In the latest issue of Audubon magazine (September 2009), "Independent advocate for the environment" (his choice of a title), Ted Williams writes in his "Incite" column about TNR, Trap-Neuter Return. To read the article, "Felines Fatales" online, go to

New Book about a blind kitty is super!! Check out "Homer's Odyssey."
A new book just out by Gwen Cooper recounts the story of her rescued kitty, Homer, who she took in when he was only three weeks old. The abandoned kitten was eyeless and had little hope of surviving due to his sorry start in life.

August 2009

Romeo The Cat Fundraising Web site
There was a really nice article in The Columbus Dispatch about Romeo the Cat and his human staff. Romeo's mom set up a web site featuring Romeo's antics to help raise money for rescue groups.

HBC, Hit By Car, becomes Humphrey Bob Christenson
HBC, which initially meant "Hit By Car" but now stands for Humphrey Bob Christenson, was found by the side of the road stumbling around and looking traumatized.

July 2009

Siamese Rescue
If you are looking for a Siamese kitty, we recommend adopting through a rescue rather than purchasing from a pet store.

Artimus and Xandria: Hugging Cats Extraordinaire
Artimus and Xandria got adopted just before Christmas, but because of some changes in the family's household, they came back to us just a few months ago.

June 2009

Zen Cat Gallery
We had a really nice phone call and email from Victoria at Zen Cat Gallery , an art gallery "dedicated to increasing positive visibility for cats through art and products that reflect beauty."

Wear your very own B and O T-shirt!
If you would like to have your very own t-shirt featuring the Black and Orange Cat logo, visit our site where you can buy postage stamps, note cards, and shirts featuring our logo, as well as kitties we have helped!

May 2009

June is Adopt-A-Cat Month
For Adopt-A-Cat month in June, American Humane came up with ten reasons why you should adopt a cat from a shelter or rescue group.

Featured Kitty for June is Miss Fiona
Fiona, who we often call Fi Fi, is a lover. She really likes people and her favorite thing to do is throw herself on the floor for a belly rub.

April 2009

Cat Friendly License Plates are here!!
The Cat Friendly license plate is now available at your Deputy Registrar's office!

Stewie and Maggie: Our featured April Kitties
Stewie, and his sister, Maggie, are still looking for their forever home.

March 2009

Joyful Life of Feral Cats
Many people think that feral cats lead sad lives, marred by hunger and illness. This photo, however, of my outside kitty, Tucker, proves differently.

Suzy and Winston: Our featured March kitties
Suzy and Winston are buddies, probably because they are both very laid back, mild-mannered cats who were picked on by dominate bully cats

February 2009

Our Numbers Say It All
In 2008, we spayed and neutered 720 area kitties!!! We also adopted 76 cats and kittens into new homes. Most of the cats that were fixed were either strays or ferals in the community...

Black Cats Make the Best Cat Friends
Dr. Grandin Taking an in-depth look at cats, Dr. Temple Grandin, author of Animals Make us Human postulates that the friendliest and most easy-going kitties to have in your life are black cats.


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